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Partner with us
Great mind think alike.
Partner with us to make something great.

Our staffs are
your key.

Equal parts manager, concierge, and cultural curator, our staffs are passionate locals with an inside-advantage. Delivering exception service and an informed perspective, they introduce guests to each city's best restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and experiences (often right at the hotel itself).

Our friends are your friends.

At Aurora Hotels, we want to introduce you to our neighbours, because we believe who you get to know is as important as where you stay. We pride ourselves on knowing people who can enrich your stay: from local makers and entrepreneurs who'll host workshops and classes, new friends to share a meal with at our communal dinner table, or a local running club so you can sneak in a 5km before you start your day.

Make yourself comfortable.

Our exclusive mobile app, supported by smart technology throughout the hotel, puts guests in control - to set preference, choose accomodations, and request services from anywhere. So whether it's an early check-in or late checkout, superfood smoothies or digital local tours, it's easy to make your stay your own.

Bespoke. Original.

One-of-a-kind design is where Aurora Hotels leads. No two hotels are alike, from the finishes to the custom furnishings, to the distinctively different details. Each property is infused with thoughtful touches, like smart technology in our be-spoke co-working spaces, or a grab-n-go vending machine for your essentials and premium bedding in our suites, to deliver your best stay ever.

Authentic. Historic.

Historic buildings repurposed to honor their heritage. Strikingly original architecture. Locally curated art and furnishings. Each of our brand or hotel has its own distinctive point of view, informed by our unique, modern perspective.
local artisans

Creative. Collaborative. Customized.

We're collaborating with local makers, artists and designers to create singular spaces that celebrate the character of their communities. Custom installations, art and locally designed lighting and furniture (all available for our guests to take home) infuse our spaces with liveliness and authenticity, while helping support the communities we inhabit.

We're distinctly
different, by design.

At Aurora Hotels, we blend contemporary interior design with handcrafted, locally handpicked furnishings to create a comfortably chic experience for discerning guests ready to discover something new. Whether they're traveling for business, pleasure, or both, our guests delight in upscale spaces designed for down-to-earth comfort.

Hotels with a big heart

Our independant properties, community building expertise, and groundbreaking approach to hospitality connect travelers to the daily life of their destination, without compromising their values, service expectations, or style. The result is a hotel with the intimate, indepedant spirit of a neighbourhood inn, supported by the operational excellence of a proven leader in hospitality management.

A place for the sense, with a true sense of place.

Modern travelers have been searching high and low for a welcome, local alternative to luxury and budget hotels. Aurora Hotels deliver something new in the neighbourhood: unique, local character and authentic, one-of- a-kind experience, combined with the amenities and services they crave most. We're not just creating personalized guest experiences, we're creating places our visitors want to explore, connect, share, and be.



A new wave
of hospitality

Modern travelers are curious, design-conscious, and hungry for a distinctly different hotel experience: one that fits their imagination and lifestyle. With a delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit, Aurora Hotels is revolutionizing hospitality and creating a brand new way to stay. All you have to do is bring yourself.

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Inspired designs. Iconic places. Independent spirits.

Each of our brand expresses its own point of view. Our distinctly modern aesthetic, relaxed sensibility, and uncompromising quality come through in every detail to create a hotel experience that showcases the best each city has to offer.

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Bringing travelers and neighbours to the same table

Bringing people together and building community around shared passions is a central pillar of Aurora's success. Aurora Hotels marks the next big step on that path. Our spaces, services, and experiences make every guest feel welcome, whether they’re from across the street or across the globe.

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The greatest comfort is the freedom to be yourself.

We’re not just welcoming guests to our hotels: we’re inviting them to join our community. We’re dedicated to serving guests with empathy: providing the personal attention, space, and services they need (whether it’s a perfectly mixed mojito, a perfect cup of coffee at 5 a.m., or an extra-soft pillow), so they feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to add their energy to the mix.

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Great minds think alike.

Partner with us to make something great.